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He also helped Hajime throughout most investigations. Though sometimes irritated by Nagito, Hajime felt more relaxed around the other boy and believed that he’s a kind particular person, although possibly not essentially the most dependable. Hajime insists on her person-ness, even after discovering her nature as an AI. When Hajime lastly will get to tell her “Thank you,” which is, in flip, responded in sort, it’s implied that both their phrases carry a deeper that means. Throughout her Free Time Events, it is somewhat implied that Hajime and Chiaki’s relationship extends beyond the common friendship Hajime and the others hold to a deep, everlasting friendship.

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In Chapter three, when Hajime accuses Mikan of killing Ibuki and Hiyoko, she turns into livid, and obviously denies this. This act upsets Hajime, who does not need to consider she’s the wrongdoer as much the others, who’re in shock at his accusation. Despite this, Hajime reluctantly reveals proof that factors to her being the assassin. He tells Mikan to offer it up, so he can nonetheless believe in her ultimately.

However, he also tells her there are different things simply as important as expertise, such as staying with her brother and making recollections with him. Sonia shown to be pleasant with Hajime and took a liking of him in the course of the course of Killing School Trip. In her Free time Events, she believed he was a hero from prophecy that would convey happiness to her land and wanted him to rule the Kingdom of Novoselic collectively after they escaped from the island. During Island Mode, Ultimate Imposter explains their true id to Hajime. After turning into associates with Hajime, they are convinced that they really do exist, they usually resolve that they do not need to lie anymore and wish to stay as their true self. In Hajime’s official relationship chart, the Ultimate Imposter considers Hajime a worthy associate. Hajime and Akane don’t work together much in the principle story, although they have a fairly respectable relationship and he does worry about her when she is stricken with the Despair Disease.

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After learning about Nagito’s backstory and sicknesses in his free-time events, Hajime feels unhealthy for him and is prepared to forgive him. However, Nagito then says that it was all just lies, which shocks Hajime a bit. More confused than angry, Hajime leaves deep in thought and believes that no less than some of Nagito’s phrases had been true. After learning about Nagito’s twisted way of thinking, Hajime felt betrayed and scorned.

Nagito has also kind of jokingly compared Hajime to a tsundere character greater than as soon as because of his occasionally irritated temper in his company. In Danganronpa 2, during his Free Time Events, he suggests Hajime’s unknown talent could be “tsuntsun hair”, referring to each his aloof character and spiky hair. This was translated as “Ultimate Spiky Hair” within the localization, and whereas it is not incorrect, it loses the extra joke concerning Hajime’s persona. Nagito laughs and clearly finds his joke very funny, but Hajime annoyingly answers that it isn’t even a talent. Nagito later referred to as him “tsuntsun hair” once more in the Danganronpa 3 associated magazine interview.

He felt that Nagito was very dangerous, solely needed to make others endure and could trick him once more if they talked an excessive amount of. He felt that he didn’t perceive his mind-set in any respect. However, throughout his free-time events, Hajime kept making an attempt to grasp Nagito’s mindset and continued to speak with him. There are additionally a number of moments in the main game where Hajime comes very close to understanding Nagito’s considering, but then abandons the thought as he feels he is just over-thinking.

But Mikan’s character has already changed, and she or he was executed, leaving nothing but her malice for Hajime and the others. Mikan seems to have shaped a liking for Hajime as he is the primary particular person to have gone as much as her and spoke to her, not wishing to bully her however only to have an off-the-cuff dialog. Though nervous and stuttering at first, she progressively lightens up, even asking him to come again and discuss to her again. The two seem to be on good phrases with each other after the occasions of Chapter 2, when Fuyuhiko is intent on altering himself. They are additionally prepared to remain and concentrate on their associates that catch despair disease in chapter three. Though initially, Fuyuhiko did not attempt to form a friendship with Hajime, their relationship changes comparatively ultimately.

They ultimately become close throughout her Free Time Events; Hajime is somewhat horrified to hear of the poverty and implied sexual abuse Akane went by way of growing up, especially her nonchalance in direction of it. Though Akane has difficulty remembering his name, she worries about him not eating sufficient, in an identical approach to how she apprehensive about her youthful siblings. He’s aggravated by her forgetfulness and mentions thinking that she’s a bit loopy, however he does envy her cheery perspective. During her final Free Time Events, she remembers his name appropriately and accepts his recommendation about accepting and overcoming weak spot somewhat than denying it. In her free-time occasions, when Mikan explains her reasons for changing into a nurse, Hajime is disturbed and is afraid to indicate any signs of weak point or sickness around her. However, he additionally feels dangerous for her and believes that she is to not be blamed for the way in which she is now.

In the end, it was Hajime’s understanding of Nagito that finally thwarted his plan in Chapter 5. Nagito was the first scholar Hajime encountered on the island. He was the only one to stick with unconscious Hajime and escorted him to introduce himself to the opposite students.

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The talks the two have progressed from mere small discuss to friendlier and playful but additionally serious and consoling . There are additionally romantic connotations, corresponding to both blushing when she journeys and he catches her and her complimenting him on being nicely best sex hookup sites-constructed. Hajime thought-about her a really dependable class rep, though Chiaki believed that Hajime can be very reliable and close with the aforementioned class as nicely .

As Izuru, Hajime had no recollection or data of his former self. However, in the Neo World Program, the Future Foundation was capable of give him again his reminiscences, successfully turning him again into his old self. Once the program was shut down and he awakes from his coma, Hajime lived as one with Izuru, their two personalities merging and coexisting. After selecting to participate within the Izuru Kamukura project, Hajime had no concept that the procedure would remodel him into one other person.

In their third year, she extended him an invite to her class’s Christmas party, and he accepts. With their commencement will get nearer, Hajime asks her if she’s free on New Year’s, and explains that his pals are planning a celebration as a result of it’s going to even be Hajime’s birthday. Chiaki appears a bit shocked that she will come too, but she then eagerly agrees and offers to extend the invitation to the remainder of her class.