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Fountain @ Maroubra – Sydney Australia

Looking for Fountain in The City UTS Haymarket? – Click HERE

9th December 2018

9:30 ~ 10:30

Unity and Broken Relationships

2 group discussions

11AM ~ 12PM

The Path of Hope

Pr Barend Nieuwstraten

Unity and Broken Relationships

The path of hope was paved by love...His love!

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Fountain @ Maroubra - Sydney Australia

Fountain @ Maroubra

A warm and hospitable church plant. Everyone is welcome from young to old. A morning church with a pot luck, vegetarian lunch after the service.

A Sabbath school interactive discussion giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions.

Since these are our facilities, we have a room for children and we carry out the foot washing and communion services here.

We have regular speakers and many guest speakers. We welcome your attendance and look forward to fellowshipping with you.

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