Fountain in The City – More Than Just a Church


Learn Together

Regular guest speakers visit sharing knowledge on health and our bodies. The bible teaches us that our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. 

Study Together

We are people of the bible, Sola Scriptura. Webelieve the bible is the inspired Word of God and that it relevant and has much to say to us for this period of Earths history.

Play Together

We are friendly and fun. More than just a church, we love to go out and play together. We also love the outdoors!

Grow Spiritually Together

We grow spiritually together. We are like family. we support and pray for one another during difficult times and celebrate with one another during the good times. Baptisms are one of those joyous times when we love to celebrate!

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Learn Together
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Study Together
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Play Together
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Growing Spiritually Together
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Our Venue

A vibrant outreach center based in a contemporary setting in the University of Technology Sydney. With powerpoint presentations, an experienced pastoral team, a choir, and a strong youth group will be sure to suit people from all walks of life.

Comfortable air-conditioned auditorium with light refreshments after presentations. A non-traditional church-like environment where everyone feels welcome.

Located in the very heart of Sydney, why not pop in and say hi!